Investigation and Diagnosis

Early diagnosis, treatment and investigation is essential to ensure that your client achieves the best recovery. TLA can refer for and report on all investigations and diagnostic tests in all clinical fields. Whether an X-ray or CT is required or more complex investigations such as urodynamic or sleep studies we can refer for these at any of 400 UK private hospitals or private diagnostic centres within the NHS, ensuring prompt appointments, diagnosis and local access. We can also arrange private surgery for your client with one of our highly respected consultant surgeons.

Should further treatment be required we can refer for:


Keeping up to date with developments in your speciality is crucial.

We offer training workshops at your offices, tailored to your needs. We will arrange for the best expert in your chosen area of interest to share their knowledge, experiences and advice on medical reporting. This will give your firm the edge – a clearer understanding of your client’s condition and their needs.

Mr Stuart J E Matthews MB, BS, LRCP, FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Eng)

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