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Introducing Our Sister Company: 3D Health UK

Working side-by-side with TLA Medicolegal, 3D Health UK is an independent and nationwide provider of Diagnostics, Rehabilitation, and Surgery. The services and treatment provided by 3D Health are second-to-none. Having established connections with Private and NHS Hospitals all over the UK, 3D Health can ensure that clients are provided with an exceptional level of care.


Why Choose 3D Health UK?

The team at 3D Health UK have direct contact with Specialist Medical Experts nationwide. All referrals for their services come directly from one of these established consultants, therefore allowing for the most seamless and tailored service available.



3D Health UK offers an extensive range of Diagnostic, Treatment, and Rehabilitation services, all of which are delivered by highly trained Consultants. These include, but are not limited to:


  • X-Rays
  • MRI Scans
  • CT Scans
  • Nerve Conduction Studies
  • Ultrasounds


  • All surgical procedures, ranging from minor to complex


  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychological Treatment
  • Neorophysiology


An Integrated Medicolegal Service

3D Health UK works closely and collaboratively with TLA Medicolegal. If you have instructed an Expert to provide a Medicolegal Report through TLA, the consultant will also screen the case for any treatment, diagnostics, or rehabilitation that may be required as part of an integrated service. Where relevant, 3D Health will then arrange the suggested services. This ‘no hassle’ approach means that clients and patients do not have to worry about seeking referrals and the extra time that this can take.



3D Health UK would love to hear from you! If you have any further questions about their services, please feel free to email claireb@3dhealthuk.com.