Reporting on Accidents or Illnesses Abroad.

Accidents or Illnesses Abroad.

Holidays or working abroad usually go without a hitch but for some people working or spending time abroad can be a nightmare. Car accidents abroad are on the rise as more of us hire cars to travel from one city to another or from country to country. Sometimes we can simply fall ill with a virus or infection which is a direct result of the surroundings we are in or negligence. Yet another cruise ship limped into port last month with hundreds of passengers and crew suffering with norovirus.

In 2012-2013, 3,599 British people were hospitalised abroad and there were 6,000 deaths. In Thailand more than 30% of British holiday makers were involved in moped accidents. 700,000 British people travelled to the Alps through tour operators during 2012-2013 and many more travelled independently. Skiing is not quite the daredevil activity we are lead to believe – about 2 in every 1,000 skiers will need medical attention for their injury. Only 40% of skiers wear a helmet and it is only a matter of time before ski insurances require the use of helmets for the policy to be valid. Most deaths or injuries occur from high speed collisions. The John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford sees an additional 40 patients a month in fracture clinics during the ski season. The Ski Club of Great Britain says 100,000 skiers of all nationalities suffered serious injury last season and 50 Brits a week fly home by air ambulance.

Whether the injury is minor or serious it can require further surgery or treatment, often involving lengthy periods of time away from work and daily responsibilities. We will identify a suitable expert to provide a medicolegal report on the injuries sustained and a prognosis.

TLA Experts have reported on the following Accidents or Illnesses Abroad:

  • A 25 year old professional sportswoman. Whilst on a training excursion in Portugal her taxi driver lost consciousness at the wheel resulting in a high speed collision with a rock face. She was thrown from the vehicle and sustained shoulder fracture, wrist fracture and a serious iliac wing fracture. She was eventually repatriated to the UK where she was assessed and went through a gruelling 12 months of surgery. She is pursuing a claim. She is now teaching talented junior sports players.
  • A balcony collapsed at a hotel in Canada where 3 victims were seriously injured. One British female (aged 25 years) sustained life changing injuries. She was eventually diagnosed as tetraplegic. She has been moved to a rehabilitation centre in the UK. Her claim is ongoing. TLA have 4 medical experts working on this case.

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