Clinical Negligence Experts and Reporting.

Clinical Negligence (Causation and Breach of Duty) and Condition and Prognosis.

Personal Injury and clinical negligence claims are rising year on year. As a result, MPs have announced that the NHS faces a £15.7 billion bill to settle a rising number of clinical negligence claims. This equates to around 15% of the health service’s annual budget. In 2013, more than 8,500 clinical negligence claims were received by the NHS, a rise of more than 30 per cent on 2009-2010.

We rely on medical practitioners to provide us with the right advice, treatment and aftercare. Sometimes mistakes are made – an incorrect diagnosis or treatment, delay in providing the required care or a failure in the medication prescribed. This can give rise to serious consequences. You need a medical expert to confirm whether the diagnosis or treatment fell below the required standard of care. We can identify the right experts for your claim. You need to have confidence in the experts and their findings. We can guarantee that our experts will assist you through the process, provide the right advice and ensure that further treatment, if required, is made available.

There are times when there may be no negligence and for you to be sure we offer a cost effective, preliminary screening report for clinical negligence cases enabling you to advise on the merits of a claim at the earliest opportunity.

Example cases our Clinical Negligence Experts have reported on:

  • A 57 year old female underwent a below knee amputation for chronic pain in 2010 which was complicated by clostridium perfringens infection (gas gangrene) resulting in conversion to an above knee amputation in 2011.
  • A 40 year old female claimed against an Irish hospital. During a routine procedure an umbilical hernia was discovered and repaired. This became infected because of substandard internal and externals sutures, exposing internal sutures and allowing bacteria to colonise causing a potentially fatal septicaemia, resulting in the claimant having 3 further operations to repair the damage caused.

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