Reporting on Mental Health and Immigration Claims.

Mental Health

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience some sort of mental health problem, most are resolved through NHS care systems, such as GP, Counselling, Psychotherapists. Those suffering with mental health problems can be vulnerable members of society, some requiring constant supervision. Specific treatment plans are put in place for each individual patient and in the event that this falls short of the required level of care serious consequences can result. Misdiagnosis of the condition can lead to inappropriate treatment being provided, again potentially leading to a fatal outcome. Self harm and suicide are very real risks to those with mental health issues.

In a substantial number of minor and major personal injury cases TLA are asked to provide psychiatric medicolegal reports in addition to a Personal Injury report. Family members may also seek to claim for mental trauma as a consequence of witnessing a fatal or serious injury of a family member.

False psychiatric claims have also become a major problem in the UK. Our experts are able to advise and report on such cases.

Some individuals may not have the same access to health care such as prisoners or those detained under Immigration Laws by UK Border Agency and they may need to make a claim for breach of a duty of care.

More than 70% of the prison population has 2 or more mental health disorders. 50% of prisoners will leave prison with significant mental health issues, without ever being diagnosed. The suicide rate of prisoners is 15% higher than the general population. TLA Consultant Psychiatrists will conduct prison visits to obtain a full medical history and will report specifically on claims of psychiatric disorders and conditions within detention situations. We are experienced in dealing with PTSD, stress-related anxiety, depression and suicide cases.

An example of a recent case:

  • A 42 year old male who was imprisoned for drug related offences claimed PTSD as a basis for his criminal appeal. TLA provided 2 Psychiatrists.


The majority of immigration cases involving issues of trauma will also require a Psychiatric report. Our Consultant Psychiatrists are highly trained in the specific conditions of trauma related psychiatric morbidity.

We have a number of psychiatrists with sub specialities in adult, juvenile and child mental health. We are lucky enough to work with Consultants who advise the government and the NHS on mental health guidelines, providing research and statistics.

An example of a case our experts have reported on:

  • Attempted lawful removal of a mother and daughter by UK Border Agency to their home country was delayed by allegations of physical abuse by Border Agency officers at the time they attempted to detain her. Aside from the injuries that the mother claimed to have sustained there was also a claim for psychological damage to the daughter who was aged 13 years, who herself had a complicated medical history. TLA provided 3 medical experts in this case.

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