Military Injury Claims and Reporting.

Injuries Sustained in the Armed Forces or during times of conflict.

We are very fortunate to have so many experts with first hand military experience. They have a greater understanding of the role of a serviceman or woman, the fitness levels required for specific roles and the all consuming nature of life in the British forces. All of our experts are fully conversant with the exigencies of the services and highly experienced in providing medicolegal reports in military claims.

Sadly, there are situations where our servicemen and women are killed in action or training. TLA experts are well equipped to comment on whether or not the Forces have failed in their duty of care in such cases, be it providing an appropriate place of safety or the failure to provide suitable equipment.

From sustaining physical injuries to suffering psychological trauma whether in training or in conflict, we can diagnose, outline and implement a treatment plan and assist with longer term rehabilitation.

Examples of military injury cases our experts have reported on:

  • Soldier with amputation and upper limb fractures caused by an Improvised Explosive Device.
  • Soldier thrown from vehicle during active service sustaining spinal injury.
  • Soldier on exercise in UK sustaining non-freezing cold injury.
  • Female recruits with stress fractures squadded in training with males.
  • Soldier who is suffering from PTSD from witnessing multiple injuries of his platoon.
  • Pre-existing back condition not declared on recruitment, subsequently submitting a claim suggesting that the condition was caused whilst in Army Service.

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