Serious or Fatal Accident Investigation and Reporting.

Multiple/Polytrauma, Catastrophic, Fatal Accidents.

In cases involving head or spinal injury, loss of limb and multiple orthopaedic trauma we require a simple summary of the circumstances surrounding the accident. We will match the right experts for each case. We have access to the leading experts located nationwide to produce your medicolegal report. The speed of intervention is crucial in such cases – early treatment, diagnosis and a detailed prognosis outlining rehabilitation and a future care plan can all be provided in our service.

Our experts have reported on the following serious accident cases:

  • A personal injury claim for a young male from Manchester who sustained multiple injuries in an RTA. He was left recovering from a head injury in a rehabilitation centre where it was found his fracture related rehabilitation needs were not being met and his recovery would be slow. On our expert’s advice, he was moved and placed on another programme. He is now recovering well and showing good signs of long-term improvement.
  • A male with non-union of tibial shaft fracture and removal of ruptured spleen with a risk of OPSI (Overwhelming Post Splenectomy Sepsis).
  • Young male with severe fractures to both lower limbs presenting as a rehabilitation problem.
  • A female with severe bilateral ankle injuries requiring arthrodesis (fusion operations).

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