Work Related Accident or Injury Claims.

Work Related Accidents and Illnesses.

There are risks involved in any workplace, especially for those working with heavy machinery and chemicals. In 2012-2013, 148 workers were killed at work and a further 78,000 suffered work related injuries. An estimated 27 million work days are lost each year due to work related illness and injury, costing the taxpayer £13.8 billion a year. Whether this injury is minor, major or catastrophic our experts are fully conversant with health and safety standards and can provide a medicolegal report detailing mechanism of injury, relevant intervention, tests or procedures and follow up care/rehabilitation advice.

We also have a specialist team of respiratory medicine consultants, highly experienced in respiratory illness claims caused by exposure to chemicals, substances and pollutants in the workplace.

Some recent examples of work related accident cases:

  • A 32 year old man who worked as a HGV low loader driver was pinned under a low loader ramp when the hydraulic mechanism failed. He sustained single-sided deafness in his left ear, shattered vertebra (T11 – L1), broken ribs, open book fracture of the pelvis, shattered left knee, severed left leg, tibia and fibula fractures and complex fractures of the right leg. He needed a further 7 follow up operations and 26 months later he is back at work as a site manager.
  • A 55 year old female slipped whilst working in a supermarket, reported the incident 2 days later. Before reporting the matter she suffered another accident for which she received GP treatment. She sustained a twisted knee and subsequently attributed the second injury to the first accident. TLA experts were instructed to determine which of the two incidents was in fact responsible for the symptoms and injury.

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